New Orleans Mission Trips
YWAM New Orleans facilitates about 50 incoming
teams each year. Our visiting teams stay in one of
our YWAM New Orleans Teams Houses. We schedule each team’s ministry events according to their focus, size, ages and skills of each team. Each team is unique and receives on-site ministry training on the how to work effectively in a city setting and how to reach the hearts of the children, youth and adults they will encounter during their missions trip with us. Our visiting teams come from every section of America and from many countries of the world. The ministry opportunities we have in New Orleans are huge. Visiting teams can get a taste of city ministry through helping us with our disaster relief efforts, food distribution, or by playing and teaching children in “the projects”, or by feeding the homeless and caring for the unfortunate, or from sharing Christ on the streets of New Orleans through witnessing, counseling, dramas, dance and skits.

In the early 1980s, visiting teams came to work on the streets of New Orleans with thousands of Christians evangelizing during Mardi Gras. That small beginning has exploded into a full-time, year round ministry. We facilitate youth groups, construction teams, intercession groups, church groups and other Christian ministry teams who want to make an eternal difference in the lives of the people in New Orleans.
As you serve, you will realize God’s heart for the needy and lost, not only in New Orleans, but in your own hometown as well. Whether you are a team of two or a team of 130, we are ready to help you bring light and life to the people of New Orleans.
One young boy named Ronald who has lived in a housing projects all his life and attends our children’s ministry said,” Thank you God for bringing these people to play with me and tell me about Jesus.”
"God gave me a heart and compassion for this city. He showed me how much He loves this city and how He wants to restore it.” - Student

For more information on how to set up a missions trip with YWAM New Orleans, please contact our office at 504 367-6000 or e-mail at
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